Nemeth-Export Kft.

Company information


At the end of the eighties, the German company Nemeth-Export, owned by the German citizen Maria Nemeth, started activities in Hungary in the medical field. It became a leader in the market for urology, ultrasound and neuro-diagnostic equipment. In 1992 Nemeth-Export Kft. in Hungary was founded, to avoid the necessity of Hungarian subsidiaries. Owners are Maria and Bela Nemeth. In 1993, Nemeth-Export Kft. started activities in telecommunication and became fast a leader for professional digital video and audio transmission equipment, next to CATV head-ends.

Partners in telecommunication

In 1993 Nemeth-Export Kft. became an exclusive partner of RE International, Denmark. Later when BARCO (Communication Systems) bought RE International the product range was extended to all BARCO Communication Systems products. This agreement was extended for BarcoNet.

ZONE SYSTEMS, Denmark, (backup systems), is an exclusive partner of Nemeth-Export Kft.

Other important non-exclusive partners are:

  • Alticast, Inc. (DVB MHP)
  • BARCO (imaging systems)
  • Logic Innovations, Inc (gateways)
  • Philips (DVB MHP)
  • Profline (FM radio CATV equipment)
  • Sony (DVB MHP)
  • TechnoTrend (DVB)

    In 2003 Nemeth-Export Kft. became an exclusive partner of Scientific Atlanta, Inc., the leading company for DVB-C, DVB-S and DVB-T systems.

    Important turn-key projects

    1993: Hungary’s very first digital video distribution link at Antenna Hungaria (leader in terrestrial and satellite broadcast distribution) based on RE 140 mbps video codecs.
    1994: A digital video link for MTV (state television) between the parliament and Matav Hungarian Telecom (owned by Deutsche Telekom) based on RE 140 mbps video codecs.
    1995-96: A nationwide digital audio distribution link at Matav based on RE audio codecs
    1997: The MTV studio contribution links based on SDH between all studios in Budapest based on RE 140 mbps video codecs.
    1998: The Antenna Hungaria’s nationwide terrestrial SDH distribution network (microwave supplied by NEC) based on RE 34 mbps ETSI video codecs
    1999: Antenna Hungaria’s TV studio SDH based contribution network using RE 34 mbps ETSI video codecs
    1999: Together with Antenna Hungaria, Nemeth-Export Kft. started Hungary’s DVB-T transmission. Nemeth-Export has for one year pre-financed all equipment (mainly BarcoNet) except for the transmitters.
    2000: Matav’s TV studio SDH based contribution network based on RE 34 mbps ETSI video codecs
    2001: Vivendi’s main CATV head-end based on BarcoNet products
    2001: Start of DVB-T MHP at Antenna Hungaria
    2002: Matav nationwide broadband network based on BarcoNet iLYNX (Nemeth-Export has pre-financed for half a year the first 3 links for the national election broadcasting)
    2002: Antenna Hungaria’s nationwide radio distribution backup system based on BarcoNet Capella and ZONE SYSTEMS
    2003: Matav nation-wide broadband network
    2004: Antenna Hungaria DVB-T headend extension to 2 x TS

    Also Nemeth-Export was in depth involved in selling the main BarcoNet CATV head-ends to UPC Hungary.

    Location, company structure

    The company has a 400 sqm office with 8 rooms at a prime location of Budapest. It offers plenty of place for up to 20 staff working on projects.

    Long term planning and reliable scheduling of projects is not typical in Hungary, so the necessary amount of manpower fluctuates. Therefore the company is using free lancers and subcontracted companies for installation. This makes Nemeth-Export Kft. very flexible and cost-effective.


    Nemeth-Export expects to extend its activities in CATV, DVB (STB, VOD, data boxes) because after the downturn of the last couple of years, it believes exactly this part of the market will experience the most growth.

    The company has an excellent relationship with the Technical University of Budapest and supports several associations for DVB and CATV.


    The typical turnover is between 1-3 million USD per year, every fiscal year was closed with an appropriate profit.

    The shareholders equity is ca. 3 million USD which is available in cash. This enables the company to manage nearly all projects in this field on its own.

    The company has all necessary authorization for participation in public tenders, and has never been rejected.

    The company has an excellent bank reference.